School Feeding

Eating is much more than getting nutrients. Eating has an affective meaning!

During childhood, the taste and the looks of food draw children’s attention the most! It is possible to feed, nourish, create moments of satisfaction, and, thus, develop good habits for a lifetime!

‘Our products nourish and please studen’s taste!’

Therefore, our commitment to School Feeding is to develop products that meet students’ nutritional needs and taste, with options that adapt to regional habits. With previously established nutritional values, Prativita products are balanced and obtained by mixing selected raw materials, which can be enriched with vitamins and minerals, ideal to help the child’s growth and physical and mental development!

The success of our products is due to the development of foods of high nutritional value, high acceptability and cost compatible with assistance programs. Furthermore, practicality – just add water – and agility in food preparation simplify the routine of kitchen and dining staff!

Prativita has all the certifications required by municipal, state and federal governments, and keeps them always updated.

It has its own laboratory for conducting physicochemical tests and microscopic, microbiological, and sensory analysis of products, in accordance with ABNT NBE ISO / IEC 17025 – General requirements for competence of testing and calibration laboratories.