Food and nourishment are themes that live in our hearts!
Dehydration as a method of preserving food, so that it can last longer and get further, is our expertise!

We are a company specialized in the dehydration process. The ingredients and foods we manufacture and supply to the national and international markets are specially developed to meet previously established nutritional standards.

We supply to food industries and to service providers and we have products that meet the needs of public agencies and of social programs, both in Brazil and around the world.

With state-of-the-art facilities and constantly qualified staff, we pursue scientific innovation and follow strict quality and safety standards to always offer the best food and nutrition solutions.

We operate two manufacturing units – Dehydrated Products and Mixture Products – in a built area of ​​12,000 m2, located in Taquara, 70 km from Porto Alegre/RS. In addition to benefiting from regional agriculture and livestock, our location also stands out for its logistical proximity to highways, ports, airports, and the Mercosur countries.

100% natural dehydration

Dehydration is a natural method of preservation that does not require the addition of preservatives and maintains shape, color, odor and taste of the raw material after rehydration. By removing water from food through forced circulation of hot air, dehydration extends the shelf life of the product and allows it to be stored for up to 2 years at room temperature.

Continuous improvement

We seek technological and scientific innovation to offer solutions to the market, while respecting the environment and society. Our employees are constantly trained so that the quality of the final product is at its peak, as well as the satisfaction of our customers.

Savings and Practicality

Our products maintain their nutritional properties and have a shelf life of up to 24 months. They can reach any part of the country or the world without compromising their integrity, regardless of environment or climate, and at a lower logistics cost than fresh food, because they are compact.

Compliance and Security

Prativita has all the required certifications. It has the SIF 1840 – Federal Inspection Service, which is permanent and valid for all Brazil and abroad. Besides, Prativita exports to several countries.

Excellent cost-benefit

Products with 100% utilization, less waste and higher return on investment. Ready-to-eat meals and snacks, once served faster, mean higher productivity and, in food companies, higher revenues.


Prativita operates two manufacturing units in its plant: Dehydrated Products and Mixture Products.
It has its own laboratory to perform physicochemical, microscopic, microbiological, and sensory analysis of the products.


Dehydrated Prativita Ingredients have numerous uses:
– Food Industries: soups, risottos, broths, pastas, sauces, fillings, baking, pastries, crumbs, among many others.
– Pet Food: dry food, wet food, snacks, natural food, food supplements.
– Fitness and Healthy Food: shakes, pre workouts, gluten free, low carb, vegetarian, vegan and detox foods.
– Food for expeditions (canoeing, trekking, camping).

International standard quality

Since 2016, the Dehydrated Products Unit has been certified under the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, a food safety certificate which ensures that the processes are conducted in accordance with international quality standards.
The Halal Certificate, obtained for various products, attests that they can be consumed by Muslims, as the form of manufacture respects their laws.

Social Responsibility

Prativita - Social Responsibility

Ethical posture, transparency and respect in everything we do: these are the basics.

Every day, we seek to value and respect employees, partners, customers and consumers. We comply with legislation and seek to combat practices that are harmful to people and the environment.

We are active in our community with incentives for health, education and culture.

We understand that proper nutrition can be decisive in the development of each individual and we dream of a world without hunger.

Get to know our Code of Conduct in full.

Environmental Responsibility

Prativita - Environmental Responsibility

We monitor environmental impacts and we are committed to making continuous improvements in environmental impact management and, in the long term, in developing a sustainable business.

The company works with partnerships to promote environmental care, increase understanding of environmental issues, and disseminate best practices.


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