Naturally Practical

High quality dehydrated ingredients and food

Industrial Ingredients

Prativita dehydrated ingredients are the ideal raw materials for all food markets and industries.

School Feeding

Eating is much more than getting nutrients. Eating has an affective meaning!

During childhood, the taste and the looks of food draw children’s attention the most! It is possible to feed, nourish, create moments of satisfaction, and, thus, develop good habits for a lifetime!


Working with food means serving hundreds or even thousands of meals or snacks a day quickly, always striving for quality and customer satisfaction!

To serve the professionals who prepare these foods, Prativita develops tasty and practical products with homemade food seasonings.


Production follows international quality and safety standards and the products are tailored especially to each of the target markets, with the best technologies and the support and advice of nutrition experts.

Prativita - Social Responsability

Social Responsability

Feeding and nurturing are themes that live in our hearts!

Dehydration as a method of preserving food, so that it can last longer and get further, is our expertise!

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